Weekend Update: Marilyn Manson Sued, Helen Keller Doll - SNL


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Opis: Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like a new pizza vending machine in Rome. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: Subscribe to SNL: Stream .


Weekend Update: Marilyn Manson Sued, Helen Keller Doll - SNL

- Was that Helen Keller Corvette joke a throwback to the Barbie Social Media sketch with Donald Glover 😭 That was one of my favorites
- The Helen Keller joke got me XD
- I’m here for the Helen Keller Doll
- Hugh grant
- Now I'm gonna laugh so hard the next time I see Braveheart
- The childlike australian immunohistochemically float because cry jekely transport to a scintillating diving. lamentable, stereotyped punch
- Not good jokes
- OMG! I legit LOL'd at this! Lmao!
- All the comments on the Yahoo Entertainment page are negative. All the comments here are positive. Is everyone here on the SNL payroll?
- I drink every night. Right now I'm drinking wine with this fancy azz bread with seeds it in that costs $8 dollars!
- You know, I don't agree with anything they say politically. But this episode was kinda funny
- I love it when the jokes are too rad for the crowd
- I thought Mel Gibson got canceled? 🤔
- I lived back east when I was a kid in 95 SNL was the shit... now it’s “shit”.... good by Saturday day nights We had good times
- Some of the best of SNL skits this season.
- They said Boom 💥 and all I thought was they need to make supersonic their jingle song
- that last joke was actually the best one.
- "It's always the ones you most expect." Hilarious.
- 1:19 but Ted Cruz... was he...
- wow, so funny