NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | May 23, 2021


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Opis: Check out the top-10 plays of the night from tonight's #NBAPlayoffs action, featuring Trae Young, Devin Booker, RJ Barrett and MORE! 0:00 - Anthony Davis 0:11 - Davis Bertans 0:21 - Chris Paul 0:35 - Rudy Gobert 0:47 - Devin Booker 0:57 - .


NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | May 23, 2021

- I think John Collins lost his shoe on the last play, how has nobody noticed
- Please have this dude do the rest! He straight up freestyling on us 😂
- Please, NBA, just let GOATMENTATOR do every top plays!
- Hello NBA can we have a 90s like top10 back with fans and player audio and less talking
- Still cant believe Tom made the mistake of putting Frank on Ice...that's a NO NO ....LETS GOOOO KNICKS!!!!!
- Funk YouTube
- In the top 1, somebody lost his shoe?
- Who else noticed the lonely shoe on the 3point line for Trae's buzzer beater ?
- NBA and Fans Refrain: We love LeBron!
Now we hate LeBron! Who cares?! Strap on a face diaper and everything will be ok! 😷💩😷😵😷💩😷😱😷💩😷
- the Playoffs are off to such a strong start this postseason I love it
- I mean devin booker's play at number 6 was a travel but whatever its still dope
- Worst commentator ever. I have no clue how anyone likes this scrub...
- Trae Young first nba game was against the knicks 2018.
Then his first playoff game is against the knicks
- That show tho
- Young has a Kobeish mentality to the game
- Trae changed the arena into library😂😂
- Quien es el idiota que narra esto? Que pesado y cansino
- We're not taking about the the lost shoe?
- Better rhymes in this one video than Shaq’s whole rap career.